PCD Pharma Franchise

PCD in pharma means Propoganda cum Distribution. There are lot of Pharma companies involved in Pcd as their marketing strategy. Most of the Pcd Pharmacompanies were founded in 19th century and 20th century. Products like Pencillin and !nsul!n became popular in 19th century and many pharmaceutical industries were set in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Legislation were enacted to test and approve drugs. As Pharmaceutical Indusry matured, the difference between Prescription and non prescription drugs became legally distinguished.

We Granmed Pharma is a firm who is into manufacturing and supplying of wide range of Pharmaceutical Drugs. Our range of products include Tablet, Capsule, Injectibles, Syrups.

We have a well developed infrastructure as well as team of qualified and experienced professionals to meet the bulk requirements of our client. We have GMP & WHO certification for Soft GeL, Tablet , Syrup and Capsule. We pack our products in latest Alu Alu packing.

Advantages of Granmed Pharma Franchise

All production is carried in GMP certified units. Our company provides Visual Aids, LBL, Reminder Cards, ASM Bags, MR Bags, Order Books, Pads, Gift Articles as part of marketing strategy. Our Company keep all Franchise and Business Associates well informed about product information and new launches. We provide full support by Advertising in leading Medical Journal and Medical Indexes like IDR, Drug Today, ADR etc. Incentives for meeting annual targets. Monthly Promotional Scheme Order Execution Turnaround within 24 hours Our Company has full range of products like Antibiotics, Tablet, Capsule, Injectibles, Liquid, Dry Liquid. We also do third party manufacturing in pharma in form of tablets, capsules, injections, syrups and dry syrups. We can also manufacture small batches for you. Granmed Pharma is looking to give Pharma Franchise on PCD (Propaganda cum distribution) basis in all states of India. We are also giving Monopoly rights to the Master Franchise.


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Get to know us

In our WHOGMP certified facility we also service our select quality conscious clients with third party manufacturing facility. Our quality production output is the reason that keeps our production lines busy with manufacturing-outsourcing and servicing new proposals and requests from many pharmaceutical companies. We are approached and preferred as a manufacturing source by companies . While the currently manufactured products are listed here, we also extend client customized manufacturing facility beyond the listed formulations. GET PCD Pharma Franchise on monopoly baisis now - All range of products inclusive of tablets , syrups , capsules, Ayurveda Herbal products CALL NOW 860741511 - For products visit products page.

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